There comes a time in every vehicle owner’s life when it is time to get their vehicle sold.  Then there are some of us who hold onto that vehicle for so long it is no longer operational or such an eyesore that there’s not a person in town who would be caught taking out their pocket book to even pay a dollar.  Stuck in one of these situations?  Unwanted Car Removals not only offers free vehicle towing, they’ll put some cash in your pocket to haul it away.   It is a solution that many Sydney vehicle owners are turning to; and, why not?  You get free towing, cash for your car, truck, SUV, etc. and your property free of your unwanted car.  These aren’t minor operations that are paying for car removals in Sydney.  These are professionals who can take an old rusted vehicle with not even an engine and calculate the vehicles worth in spare parts and components and scrap metal and pay top dollar to come haul it away.  Unwanted Car Removals is just one example of a top dollar car removal company in Sydney.  They accept more than just unwanted and scrap cars.


What happens when you have a used vehicle in good condition, but it is hard to sell?  Think it’s hopeless to ever get it sold at the price it is actually worth?  What about a good running car that you just don’t have the time or funds to advertise or schedule appointments for viewings of the vehicle, and don’t want to hassle with negotiating over a price?  It’s not a hopeless situation.  Even cars in great condition, hard to sell or vehicle owners just don’t have the time, money or energy to sell can be sold to a car removal company in Sydney.  Unwanted Car Removals pays top dollar for cars of any condition, even brand new.


If you start to shop around you’ll find there’s plenty of car removal companies in Sydney; but!  This doesn’t mean each Sydney car removal company is comparable to the next.  There is a difference, and it is all about professionalism.  The more professional the company, the higher price you’ll receive for your unwanted vehicle in Sydney.


What Makes a Professional Company?


The professionalism of a company not only stems in their customer service and fleet of car removal vehicles, it is also based on knowledge.  Unwanted Car Removals has been in the business of removing unwanted cars in Sydney for years, and has extensive knowledge in the industry.   The car removal company should have expert car appraisers, and by expert, I am referring to someone who can take a make and model of a vehicle, as well as its age and condition and calculate the exact worth of the vehicle, adding up the value of each component and part, as well as the value of the vehicle being crushed into scrap metal.  The company should also have expert auto dismantlers who are able to remove all parts and components of the vehicle to recycle, reuse and resell, as well as expert salvage yards where the frame of the vehicles are crushed into scrap metal.  The professionalism of this system is what allows some companies to offer more for unwanted car removals in Sydney.  Which, brings us down to finding the best.


The best way to find a top dollar Sydney unwanted car removal company is to simply request quotes.  Unwanted Car Removals offers free quotes via our site, or you can call us at 0416 051 006.  With one call, we can have your vehicle removed as soon as this afternoon.