In Sydney, selling your old car can be an easy task, provided you know where to look for a reliable buyer.

Inclement weather is a reality we have to live in Sydney NSW. Hail storms, thunderstorms, flash floods – they emerge when we least expect them to – taking our best-laid plans and turning them over.

In a single day, Sydney can receive a month’s rainfall causing flash flooding in various parts of the city. If your car happens to be parked in a low-lying area of the city that is prone to flooding, it can be destroyed in a matter of minutes.


What Do You Do With A Flood-Damaged Car In Sydney?


You can sell it for cash to a Licensed Cash for Cars dealer. Cash for Car dealers in Sydney pays Cash on Demand when they buy your car off you. What’s even better, they pay you your cash instantly just the way Casinos and Pokies Clubs in Sydney do.


Can’t I sell a flood or hail-damaged car to a second-hand car dealer?


Generally, the answer is ‘no’, you can’t. Second-hand car dealers in Sydney don’t buy old cars, they only allow you to trade them in to subsidize the cost of your new car – provided you buy it from them.


The People Who Will Buy Old Cars Are Cash For Car Dealers


Cash for Car dealers is becoming very popular in Sydney NSW. Cash for car dealers not only give you cash for your car, no matter what condition it’s in, they also pay you your money on the spot – the minute they complete your vehicle’s physical inspection.


The Way Cash For Car Dealers Work:


  1. You call your local Cash for Car dealer and ask for a FREE Quote or Valuation for your car over the phone itself


  1. Once your Cash for Car dealer gives you your Valuation, you can choose to accept or reject it. If you accept the valuation, your Cash for Car dealer will arrange payment and pick up of your vehicle at your earliest convenience


  1. Often, payment and pick up of your car is made as early as 2 hours from the time you received your Free Quote


  1. Assistance with paperwork is also provided if you need it


Can You Trust Your Local Cash For Car Dealer In Sydney?


If your Cash for Car dealer is local and licensed, you should be able to trust them to offer you a fair price for your vehicle plus pay you your dues on time. Unwanted Car Removals is a Cash for Car dealer with an excellent reputation for a fair price and fair play following it. Prompt with payments, and efficient with the way they conduct their business, they will always ensure they give you an experience that has you coming back for more.


To get an old car removed, or to get Cash for your Car on the same day that we quote on it, please call us at Unwanted Car Removals on 0416 051 006. Alternatively, fill in the Enquiry Form and mail it back to us.