There was a time, back in 2006, when LPG converted cars were all the rage in Australia. Car owners were lining up at auto mechanic shops to have their cars converted to LPG. Fast forward to 2019 and the hype has died down. Once the government rebates were pulled (in 2014) and the cost of LPG rose, the demand for LPG cars plummeted.
If you own an LPG converted car and are having trouble finding a good buyer for it, then you need to contact us. We’re Cash for Cars buyer that buys all kinds of cars – irrespective of whether they are petrol fueled, LPG fueled or hybrid.

Top Benefits of Owning an LPG Converted Car

When compared to petrol, LPG is a much more eco-friendly option for fuel.
Using LPG will keep the car’s engine cleaner, prolonging its life.
LPG is cheaper than petrol, so you will save money on fuel costs.

Major Drawbacks of Owning an LPG Converted Car

  • Since the demand for LPG converted cars has fallen, finding a buyer for your car might be a challenge.
  • While it’s cheaper than petrol, every year, new cars are being introduced that are more fuel efficient and offer better fuel economy, narrowing the gap between petrol and LPG car. This makes the cost saving benefits of an LPG car almost negligibly low.
  • The LPG tank can take up a lot of space in the boot.
  • You stand the risk of losing warranty or insurance because of the conversion.

Where to Sell Your LPG Converted Car in Sydney?

While finding a private buyer for your LPG converted car can prove to be difficult, you can still have the car sold quickly and for top dollar. What you need is the right buyer for the car. Unwanted Car Removals Sydney will buy your LPG converted car for cash today.

Give us a call for a quote. Since we are experienced unwanted car buyers for cash, we will ask for details of the vehicle and then provide you with an instant car valuation over the phone itself. So, within a few minutes and with just one phone call, you can find out how much cash we’ll pay for your car. If you like the offer, the next step is to book your free car removal, where our team of auto experts will come to your premises to tow away the car – for FREE. And before we remove the vehicle from your property, we will make the cash payment.

So, get your LPG converted car sold today.
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